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Hi there, this is Faith from face world media. And in this video, I want to talk to you guys about some of the cool A I tools your favorite creators and small business owners are already using. First is Otter A I which uses A I to transform conversations into written text and it lets media teams such as ours focus on storytelling rather than repetitive tasks such as transcriptions and note taking and action items. Otter also offers very powerful features such as automatically generating meeting summaries, highlighting key points, creating show notes, bullet points. What I like about that is also notable quotes which is really helpful to producing our podcast. Show notes like Otter Fathom A I is an A I powered meeting assistant created to streamline meeting note taking. We love using it and how it integrates with our favorite virtual conferencing platforms such as Zoom Google Meet and Microsoft teams. This allows us to focus on the conversations instead of on taking notes. Fam also provides concise summaries and key points, action items and even highlighted discussion topics. It feels like having a personal assistant or an intern right there with you. Next is the script, which use a text based approach for you to edit any video or audio. It transcribes the audio or video from your clip, your recording and then manipulate a text. This is a huge time saver especially for tasks such as cutting out unwanted sections or rearranging the order of your content. In addition to video editing, descript, deeply integrates A I into audio production, offering very complex tools such as overdub to clone a real voice and then make spoken corrections without the need to rerecord. This really speeds up the production process, especially when we make mistakes because we all do with one click, you can remove the S and which is perfect for creators like me who not only produce podcasts but also youtube videos. If you haven't heard of Swell A I and you are a podcaster, please listen up Swell A I turned podcasts and videos into more than just transcripts but also show notes articles, summaries, titles, newsletters, and even social posts. They also have a chat bot which means it's going to learn the content from your recording from your podcast and you'll be able to share the chat bot with your listeners and for them to explore the episode and its content on their own terms. This is when we basically discover the idea of content repurposing. That's where munch A I comes into the picture. So munch is one of the most popular A I content repurposing platforms on the market today with competitors like opus up magic and video A I and now descript with its brand new A I clip feature. However, we like munch the best when it comes to content repurposing because it's designed for more serious creators and small business owners. Furthermore, munch offers something called the scoring system. So when you look at 30 to 50 clips, for example, you don't have to guess which one is more likely to rank. It is going to resonate with your audience on the market. So you can prioritize those clips. The DI IO is unique because it changes how you can create videos without showing up on camera. So those people who are camera shy listen up. This platform uses A I to create studio quality videos with realistic avatars and deliver messages using various tones and you can choose different avatars, but you can also turn yourself into an avatar so that you truly don't have to sit in front of a camera anymore. It's really straightforward to use. You can turn your blog post or your powerpoint into a video presentation and even animates the avatar's lips and facial expressions to make it look even more realistic. What drew our attention to the next A I app called Pka Labs project with just a few prompts and clicks, you're able to turn images and even text in videos. Typically A I powered videos and generation tools can be quite expensive. However, with tools like Pika, you can be sure that all of us can now create content, whether you're a creator or a small business owner. We have been using tools like Google Gemini and chat TPT to generate ideas. But we always make sure the human is in the loop. The ID can turn existing photos, scripts and even audio recordings into real engaging videos. One area they focus on is the easy scaling and local making it even more suitable for global businesses. Throughout 2023 we leverage the I D's ability to generate life like digital avatars produce speaking portraits for Shang Li art Xiang Li devoted her life to studying women and Chinese history and spent more than 10 years painting empresses from many dynasties with sophisticated cultural background and stories that spans centuries and D ID enabled these stories to come alive through speaking portraits directly using portraits within these paintings, attracting people from different generations and abilities and even languages. Adobe software suite has always been fundamental for media teams. However, it used to be expensive and geared towards professionals. Adobe Express was introduced to change that. So since 2024 it has become our Swiss army knife and go to tool when it comes to designing thumbnails, for example, for youtube for our blog post and even social media. With their latest mobile app, you now get to access a powered features such as turning text prompts into images or adding or moving objects from photo editors and turning voices into characters, dozens of ready to use templates and brand kits and a giant libraries of assets in Adobe's stock footage. On top of that, you can leverage other tools and assets you have previously created as part of Adobe into Adobe Express. I hope you enjoy the list. Let me know what I have missed other tools you love in the comments. I would love to continue the conversation.

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