Save Up to 40% Off on Tineco Vacuums During Target Circle Week

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$100 at Target

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Tineco Go Flex cordless lightweight stick vacuum: $100

Save $50

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Cordless stick vacuums are a great way to keep your home clean. They're practical, easy to maneuver and tend to be lightweight, so you can easily reach odd corners and stairs. But there are many choices available, and not all of them perform as well or last as long as traditional corded vacuums. Right now, Target Circle Week is making the choice a little easier for shoppers. Through Circle Week sales, you can save up to 40% on several high-quality models from Tineco, which makes two of CNET's top five cordless vacuum picks

Target Circle Week is going on now and runs until July 13. Though you should have time to nab your preferred vacuum, there is always a risk of stock running out during sales like this, so don't wait to the last minute. We've compiled a list of Target's standout deals so you can make a quicker decision. 

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This Tineco cordless stick vacuum is now $100 off during Circle Week, which is a discount of 40%. It has both wet and dry functions and cleans hard floors. With its dual-tank system and max-power and self-cleaning modes, you'll not only be able to keep your home clean, you can also keep this vacuum in the best possible shape at all times.


Pets make great company, but they can also shed, create messes and leave odors behind. This Tineco cordless stick vacuum was created with these issues in mind. It includes a ZeroTangle brush to pick up stray hairs, an extra-large dustbin you can easily clean out and an attachment that lets you clean out crevices. It's $50 off during Circle Week.


This compact cordless stick vacuum is lightweight, budget-friendly and includes a HEPA filter that helps you get rid of odors as well as dust. Its LED light also lets you know what's under your furniture so you can see what you're sucking up from those areas as well. Your purchase includes a dusting brush and crevice tool that are perfect for cleaning between furniture cushions. You can get this model for $100 during Circle Week.

There are a few other Tineco deals available for Circle Week worth checking out.

We'll continue to keep track of Circle Week deals in the coming days and will also cover standouts from the upcoming Amazon Prime Day deals so you can save as much as possible on essentials. We also have a list of best cordless stick vacuums in case you want to keep browsing until you find the right gear.

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